Do They Serve Beer with This?! Pt. 3

15 Jul

My third and final Ireland food post is about a wonderful meal at Fishy Fishy in Kinsale.  The restaurant owner is Martin Shanahan who is a true food celebrity in Ireland, and even hosts his own tv show called “Martin’s Mad About Fish.”

The restaurant decor of Fishy Fishy is understated, and so is the menu.  But don’t mistake simple for boring!  The fresh seafood was the star of every dish, and the sauces and broths were subtle compliments to each course.

I started my meal with a cup of the Red Chowder, which I found to be flavorful and hearty.  It would be a perfect dish to warm you up on a damp and cold Irish day.  The Red Chowder was a blend of shrimp, tomatoes, diced fish, onion, tarragon, and was finished with a dollop of cream.

Next came the tasty oysters from Oyster Heaven.  No seriously, the waters where they were harvested were called “Oyster Heaven.”

Then the waitress brought me this massive bowl of mussels with a fresh parsley and white wine broth.  I’ve got a healthy appetite (obvs for those who know me), but these mussels could have easily served two or three people.  Especially when you consider the two appetizers I ate prior to my main course.  All in all this was a delectable meal.  My mom and I were so impressed that we both left with cookbooks!

FIN!  Hehe, get it? Because I was just describing a meal at Fishy Fishy and fish HAVE fins?  Ok, bad joke.

Anyway, this picture obviously had nothing to do with our divine meal.  It’s just my way of wishing the yummy food and gorgeous country of Ireland a fond farewell.  Oh and one last thing, SLANTE!

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