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A Very McG Christmas

26 Dec

A belated Happy Holidays to you!  I hope everyone got to rest up and enjoy some quality time with family and food.  I’ve been out of commission the last week with nasty cold but hope to be back in the kitchen cooking up trouble (er recipes) this week!

In the meantime, I thought I’d share a brief slide show of my family’s celebration.  My mother, the consummate entertainer and hostess, spent most of the holiday in the kitchen or cleaning the kitchen after preparing large meals.  Nobody does the holidays like her!  We were all thankful for her contributions, which were not only beautiful, but also scrumptious.  My father makes a sublime egg nog, and just about any other drink you can think of in his man cave.  My sister was the perfect sous chef as I sat on the sidelines with tissues and copious amounts of Day & Nightquil.  The three of them combined brought me the perfect holiday.

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