HI!  I’m Megan and I adore all things food.  I grew up in Maryland, moved to Virginia after college, and now work as a recruiter for a law firm in downtown DC.  I love cooking because I get to be a mad scientist and experiment with ingredients. I love baking because you start with a formula and end with a sweet result.  My blog is about my love of food and trying out new things (even if it they don’t turn out the way you planned).

You can also find me blogging my way through DC as the Punch Palate Correspondent for Pamela’s Punch (www.pamelaspunch.com)!  Check out this site to hear more about new restaurant launches and reviews in the DC area.

2 Responses to “About”

  1. Posie Harwood at 10:26 am #


    I work for Tasting Table, an online food publication, and we are working on a story on cinnamon and want to feature a photo of the Siroc almond cake. Would you be willing to let us use your photo from your blog piece? If so, just let me know today what name we should use for the credit and what site it should link to.


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