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Thai X-ing Review

5 Sep

Hi friends!  We’re friends right?  I’m asking because friends can keep a secret, and I am about to write about one of the best kept secrets in DC.

I first heard about Thai X-ing from my much cooler, more adventurous, younger sister K-mac.  She told me that 20 of her friends were having her birthday dinner in this guy’s house in Shaw, it was seven plus courses of Thai food, byob, and cash only.  Let’s just say I did not have high hopes.

As usual (and I may never live this down), she was right about this place.  It’s legit.  I went for a second time on Friday for a friend’s going-away party.  The food was so good, I thought we might have changed the guest of honor’s mind!

Here’s a look at our meal to the best of my recollection.  I’m not 100% sure on the names of all of these courses, as the chef changes his menu frequently for the group dining option.

Course #1  Stuffed Cucumber and Ground Pork Soup.

Course #2 Spicy Ginger Ground Chicken with Parsley. This dish is so hot it gets your adrenaline going like a roller coaster.  While the carnivores sweated our way through this dish, the chef served my veg sister a spicy cabbage noodle dish (not pictured).

Course #3 Pumpkin CurryThis dish is a house specialty and I heard the chef serves it regularly with the group menu.  Frankly, I would have been happy just having this dish for dinner! 

Course # 4 Steamed Whole Fish with Garlic Pepper Sauce.

Course #5 included a Tofu and Bean dish (above) and a Beef and Eggplant Stir Fry (not pictured).

Course # 6 Chicken Drumsticks in Cinnamon CurryAgain, I’m not sure what else was in this rich curry, but there was definitely a note of cinnamon in the background.

Course # 7 Red Mussels (above) and Drunken Noodles (below).

Course # 8 Sliced Mango with Coconut Sticky Rice.  I’m not really a mango-lover, but still ate a piece.  The sticky rice was just awesome and I could probably eat it everyday.

I’m giving the food an A for authenticity and overall amazingness.  Since I really only care about the food…my Overall Rating is an A for Thai-XingThis place has no ambiance (and no shoes permitted), so bring excellent company and wear comfortable clothes.  

As my friends, I invite you to check this place out.  But shhhhhhh!  Let’s keep this place on the down-low, and to quote the great Adam Sandler, “no-one gots to know about it!”

Do They Serve Beer with This?! Pt. 3

15 Jul

My third and final Ireland food post is about a wonderful meal at Fishy Fishy in Kinsale.  The restaurant owner is Martin Shanahan who is a true food celebrity in Ireland, and even hosts his own tv show called “Martin’s Mad About Fish.”

The restaurant decor of Fishy Fishy is understated, and so is the menu.  But don’t mistake simple for boring!  The fresh seafood was the star of every dish, and the sauces and broths were subtle compliments to each course.

I started my meal with a cup of the Red Chowder, which I found to be flavorful and hearty.  It would be a perfect dish to warm you up on a damp and cold Irish day.  The Red Chowder was a blend of shrimp, tomatoes, diced fish, onion, tarragon, and was finished with a dollop of cream.

Next came the tasty oysters from Oyster Heaven.  No seriously, the waters where they were harvested were called “Oyster Heaven.”

Then the waitress brought me this massive bowl of mussels with a fresh parsley and white wine broth.  I’ve got a healthy appetite (obvs for those who know me), but these mussels could have easily served two or three people.  Especially when you consider the two appetizers I ate prior to my main course.  All in all this was a delectable meal.  My mom and I were so impressed that we both left with cookbooks!

FIN!  Hehe, get it? Because I was just describing a meal at Fishy Fishy and fish HAVE fins?  Ok, bad joke.

Anyway, this picture obviously had nothing to do with our divine meal.  It’s just my way of wishing the yummy food and gorgeous country of Ireland a fond farewell.  Oh and one last thing, SLANTE!