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Do They Serve Beer with This?! Pt. 2

25 Jun

I decided it would be fun (for me AND you) to write about my two favorite meals from our Ireland trip for Pt. 2 and Pt. 3 of my Ireland posts.  These meals are proof of the new gourmet food in Ireland; it’s not just soda bread and fish & chips anymore!

I loved the entire trip but my favorite city was definitely Galway with it’s colorful shops and proximity to the water. 

The best meal during our trip was at a restaurant called 8.

This restaurant uses local ingredients and it was downright difficult to make up my mind on the dinner entree.  Thank goodness we’re a sharing family and all of us picked different options to taste.

I selected the Honey & Rosemary Roast Lamb Chops with Sweet Potato Mash, Balsamic Roasted Onions, and Coriander & Mint Dressing.  Honestly, I’m drooling thinking about it now, and you should be too!  The lamb was juicy and the mash and onions were the perfect compliment.  I adore it when I can have a little sweet with my savory meals.  In fact, this was all that was left after I got through with the dish…

We also ordered a side of these hand cut chips and house sauce.  They were perfectly golden, a little crisp on the outside, and slightly soft on the inside.  The sauce tasted a bit like tzatziki, a yogurt-based dip with dill and cucumber.

After dinner we noticed the creative and whimsical dessert menu.  My Dad and I are not ones to pass up dessert.  In fact, we both eat less of our main meal (sometimes) just to save room!  We are nothing if not dedicated to our craft.  In any case, we decided to order 3 desserts for the 4 of us. 

My Dad wisely picked the Chocolate and Almond Brownie with Cappuccino Parfait.  This dessert won the blue ribbon out of all of the desserts and we licked the plate clean.
My Mom and Sis split the potted Citrus Explosion with Almond Brittle.  There were 3 different citrus flavors layered throughout the jar and even the brittle included the zest.  I like lemon, I love lime, but citrus desserts are usually at the bottom of my list.  WOW, talk about a flavorful and bright dessert.  It was light and lovely.  I can’t wait to try and make my own take on lemon and orange zest brittle.

Last and kinda least was my dessert, a White Chocolate Pannacotta & Raspberry Mousse with Shortbread Cookies.  I selected this dessert solely because of the raspberry component.  It was very pretty to look at and the texture was nice.  I found the whole thing to be a bit underwhelming and frankly a little bland.  Thank goodness I had already consumed 2 other winning desserts!

Overall I would rate 8 as a 10!  5 out of 5 stars.  Seriously, I give it an A+ and would probably be a regular if it weren’t for the whole commute and customs bit.  If you are ever in Galway make it a point to stop here.

Stay tuned for my 3rd and final post about Fishy Fishy in Kinsale.  It was seafood paradise!

Do They Serve Beer With This?! Pt. 1

11 Jun

Recently my family and I took a trip to Ireland.  We were there for eight glorious days driving all around the country.  Actually, make that eating and drinking all around the country!  Here are my pictures from the first part of our culinary journey in Dublin.

 Our trip started off right with a stop to the Guinness Brewery.  How else were we supposed to battle jet lag?  This is my photo of the perfect pour.  Could it get more Irish than a Guinness with a shamrock in the foam?  Mmmmm stout!  Let’s just say my family made it a priority to grab at least one pint each day and try out each city’s brew including Murphy’s and Beamish.

 The following morning we got up and were ready to take on Dublin!  We stopped for a delicious breakfast at Lemon, which was a very casual creperie.  There were a zillion options and my favorite included the bacon and egg with the tomato marmalade.  Oh, and did I mention their gorgeous cappuccino and coffee?

After fueling up we were ready to take on Dublin. We met up with our graduate student tour guide at Trinity College and covered most of the city in just two and a half hours.  We ended our walking tour in the bustling area of Temple Bar.  Famished and seriously parched, we stopped off at Gallagher’s Boxty House for dinner.  I had a great seafood chowder, a pint of Murphy’s, and the star was the lamb boxty.  The boxty was like a thicker wheat-based crepe filled with lamb stew and topped with a yogurt sauce. Talk about comfort food on a rainy day.

And for my dessert I had a bit more of this.

The following morning my sis and I left the hotel in search of a killer breakfast and found ourselves at the Queen of Tarts

I had a pot of tea and a delicious savory breakfast of bacon, poached tomatoes, a fried egg, and a potato and chive cake.  As far as I’m concerned there was no better way to start our day.   

My only wish would have been to leave more room so I could have eaten breakfast dessert like these!

That’s all for part 1 of my meal pictures from Dublin.  Stayed tuned for part 2 which picks up in Galway!